Fab Trout

Roger Troutman of Zapp at work in the studio in 1989. Check it out!
Montée is currently working on new music, and the studio is really a strange place.  For hours and days and nights you work on details, songstructures, beats and melodic changes, and sometimes you are sure you will lose your mind along the way.

Well, it’s nice to see that our (often slow) workingmethods apply to other people as well, as with Roger Troutman of Zapp from these videoclips from 1989, working on a song called “I’m So Happy”. This shows you the nitty-gritty work that is put into these productions, but it’s very enjoyable and fun though.

And here Troutman is working with legendary Ray Davis (not the Kinks-dude) from Funkadelic and Parliament. At 6:23: “”What you mainly gonna be doin’, Ray, is making these gay motherfuckers right here sound better”

Thanks to Hans-Peter for the tip!


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