Rumble, Mariachi and LA-punk

Anders, Marius and I attended a fantastic show last night at Rockefeller in Oslo. First off, our dear friends in Rumble In Rhodos (we are producing their next record) opened with a great set, with Ergo joining in on psychedelic sounds, vocals and keyboards. Really good!
Then Mariachi El Bronx was up, featuring all the members from The Bronx. Their mariachi-music was actually very impressive and worked as a great warmup for what was to come.
Check out a clip here:

Then The Bronx performed one of the most pulsating punkgigs I’ve attended for a loong time, and people really went nuts. Some of the members must’ve gotten laid with a Norwegian girl or something, because singer Matt was ranting on about how much they loved this dirty old city called Oslo. Very charming!
A great night that kept me awake for hours afterwards.

Erlend Mokkelbost


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