Modulert Grand Prix

Eurovision Song Contest version 2.0
Our feet are just starting to touch ground again after our incredible Saturday night where we won a Grammy for best popgroup. But we have been busy, and worked on a lot of new songs in the studio, as well as booked a couple of shows and parties. One of them is “Modulert Grand Prix”, a party that will take place on the night of the Eurovision Song Contest, which is happening here in Oslo this time.

As the story goes, the last couple of years a group of people have arranged Modulert Grand Prix (Modulated Grand Prix) where different bands and artists tweek and remix the live broadcast of the actual contest. Since Rybak brough this damn inferno to Oslo, they are stepping it up and moving the party to the classy Gamle Logen in downtown Oslo, and the line-up is great.

Tut & Knore (with Knut Sævik who mixed our album), Harrys Gym, The New Wine, DU, Pow Pow, DiskJokke and the incredible Håkon Kornstad are just some of the artists that will perform. We cant wait, see you there. Ah, and the date is May 29th.

The winner from last year…Håkon Kornstad:


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