Reviews of “Rendition Of You” are pouring in, and they are great!

Our album is a week away from official release in Norway, but a lot of reviews are already appearing. People seem genuinely excited, and all of the reviews so far have been fantastic! Here are some quotes:

Tønsberg Blad – 6/6:

This is a masterpiece. Miles ahead of anything to come out of Norway – ever.

VG – 5/6:

This is pure pop art”.

Aftenposten – 5/6:


One of the best Norwegian pop albums in a long time”.

Dagbladet – 5/6:


Sensationally catchy! If any Norwegian record deserves to break through in 2011, it´s “Rendition Of You”.

Dagsavisen – 5/6:

Montée has become an occasion. Everyone has high expectations of them, and they deliver. Montée make something close to perfect pop music.

Bergensavisen BA – 5/6:

Their white funk and dreamy pop is both catchy and intelligent”.

That a band from Norway can produce such a rare thing as a danceable record like this excites me in places I did not know I had. If you have not danced while listening to this record, you are not alive”.

Natt&Dag – 5/6:

Anders Tjore is the new golden boy of Norwegian pop“.

Adresseavisen – 5/6:

We should seize this opportunity to offer Montée the world.”


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