Update – new shows, singles, summerfun and more

Incoming news alert!
We’re so sorry for the lack of updates on this “website” of ours, but we’ve been working on building a new one which will be launched soon, and so we’ve been a little behind on things. Our Facebook-site (www.facebook.com/monteemusic) gets updated constantly though, so head over there for the freshest in fresh news.

Anywho, we have had an amazing summer where we’ve played infront of atleast 20 000 new faces. Highlights were Hovefestivalen, Moldejazz (though it was on the night of the horrible terrorattacks in Norway), Beijing in China, Øyafestivalen (picture above is from that show) and Jugendfest in Ålesund last weekend. In Ålesund we met our hero Bryan Ferry, who took a great liking to our music. He called our songs “huge and beautiful”. What a compliment!

We have also been greated in the warmest way by both festivals and audiences the last months, and 2011 is looking mighty fine, we must say.

Thanks to Canon, we have been handed a camera to film alot of the shows, and a new video will be put together ASAP containing footage from these last months of activity.

Fall is approaching, and we are going on a widespread Norwegian tour. The dates that are confirmed are as follows:

02.09.2011 – Mo I Rana @ Verketfestivalen
15.09.2011 – Volda @ Rokken
16.09.2011 – Sogndal @ Meieriet
22.09.2011 – Tønsberg @ Total
24.09.2011 – Kongsberg @ Energimølla
28.09.2011 – Stavanger @ Checkpoint Charlie
29.09.2011 – Bergen @ Hulen
30.09.2011 – Os @ Oseana

13.10.2011 – Moss @ Festivalen Sin
14.10.2011 – Oslo @ Rockefeller
20.10.2011 – Harstad @ Ludo Bar & Scene
21.10.2011 – Tromsø @ Driv
22.10.2011 – Finnsnes @ Rocktober
26.10.2011 – Kirkenes @ Ritz
28.10.2011 – Skien @ Parkbiografen

…but more shows will be added shortly. We can’t wait to headline our own show at Rockfeller in Oslo on October 14th – will be a party!

For people outside Norway, fear not – we are working on arranging shows in the rest of Scandinavia, as well as mainland Europe for the months after the Norwegian tour. More info on that soon!

Our 3rd single from “Rendition Of You” has been airplayed on Norwegian radio for some months now, but Danish national radio P3 just picked “Staying Up” for rotation down there. Good choice, danes!

There’s alot of news to come, and we will really try to pick it up on getting these on this website. But do check out that Facebook-site if you want to be informed.


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