Montée is a progressive popband from Oslo, Norway, consisting of the members Anders Tjore, Erlend Mokkelbost, Haakon-Marius Pettersen, Rune Nergaard and Marius Simonsen.

The debutalbum “Isle Of Now” was released in 2009 in Norway on Strømland Records, as was awarded a Norwegian Grammy.

2nd album “Rendition Of You” was released April 15th 2011 through Oslo Records/Cosmos.

New album coming out in 2014.

Anders Tjore: Vocals, guitar
Erlend Mokkelbost: Guitar, vocals, programming
Marius Simonsen: Drums, percussion
Haakon-Marius Pettersen: Keyboards, vocals
Rune Nergaard: Bass


  1. I just discovered your music here in the United States and I must say that I am INCREDIBLY impressed! You’ve managed to capture the sound of oldskool Duran Duran and ABC while still managing to put forth some truly progressive pop sounds! I’ve become quite the proselyte–all my friends are now interested in checking you out as well!

    1. Hello Derek! Thank you so much for these kind words. We really hope to be heading over to the states in 2012 to play some shows, and we hope to see you then. Keep spreading the word. Love, Montée.

  2. Who is responsible to the little soft guitar hook on Paper Thin ?
    ( after 2:44ish ) It’s the single most beautiful thing, since.. Rianna by Fleetwood Macish… 🙂

    I am a super fan !!


  3. Wonderful melancholy/exultant music. Second album is just as good as your first (and saying so is not to damn with faint praise–Isle of Now was the best album of 2009, just as Rendition of You was the best of 2011). Many thanks. Come to Australia when you can.

    1. Hello Jim!
      Very cool to hear that you enjoy our music. We are currently hard at work with our 3rd album, which will be out this fall. Hope it makes the same impression as our first two albums 🙂

      And we absolutely want to come to Australia! Let us know who to get in touch with to make that happen.

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