Montée signed to Sony Music

We are happy to announce that Montée has signed to Sony Music!

They will release our third album, entitled “Into The Fray”. Sony Music have been great to work with already, and we are very excited about the future.

Read their pressrelease HERE, if you’re Norwegian.

First taste of our new single “Animal Traits”!

News alert!
Our new album is finished, and we are so excited about it.

The first single is called “Animal Traits”, and it will be out shortly. In the coming days we will reveal individual tracks from the song – keyboards, drums, bass, guitars, vocals – so you can get a real insight into how the song is put together.

Full version to follow.

First up – Keyboards:

Maya Vik and Montée part ways

Hello everyone!
Some very important news from the Montée-camp: Maya Vik is no longer a part of the band. After five fine years together the decision has been made to part ways. Maya is pursuing her solo-career, and we are currently working on our 3rd album.

We are still the best of friends, although big changes never come without some grief – as band basically is family.

On the upside – the new music we are making is turning out great, and we cant wait to share it with you all. Big news coming up! Cheers, Montée.

Update – new shows, singles, summerfun and more

Incoming news alert!