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  1. Awesome track! I’m impressed – if wayfarers had not been in use already for years, this one one would singlehandedly put it back in fashion. Great FM-strat guitarstrumming… Love the Michael McDonald-sounding “yacht-rock” singing, and some really cool “Ashes to ashes” slapping going on in the bass department. Looking forward to hear the record!

  2. jeg ar veldig imponert og liker ny song og video
    jeg liker ogsa svart og hvit video stilen
    full sound i songen er veldig bra

    venlig hilsen


  3. I drove over the Strynefjell (in Norway), heading home, a couple of weeks ago. Just as the sun was setting over the mountains…and just when I went over it ( going pretty fast I might add), Erlends little guitar hook on Paper Thin came bursting through the speakers.. I was flying !!!!!!
    Havent had a moment like that since maybe some Stevie Nicks moments years ago…..


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