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We won a fuckin´Grammy!

Well, this was a shocker. Totally sedated at our table in Oslo Spektrum, where the Norwegian Grammys Spellemann was taking place last night, we were suddenly awarded “best popgroup”, announced by none other than the Røyksopp-guys. Seriously, we didn´t know what hit us, and we must have looked really weird up on stage when recieving the statue (which is maybe why it was cut from the broadcast).

We are extremely thankful for this award, and it helps get more people tuned into our music as well as inspiring us to push forward.

Best regards,

the hung over band Montée.

“Isle Of Now” remix-kit

We have been getting alot of emails since the release of our album from people wanting to remix our song “Isle Of Now”.
We finally got around to making the so-called “stems” of this album, divided into guitars, bass, percussion, vocals and keyboards, so now everyone can feel free to remix this little gem of ours.
You can download the files HERE, and the bpm is 110. Please send us an email when youre done, so we can post it on this website.

Vote for “Isle Of Now” – Natt&Dags Oslo-record of the year!

Great news – Our debutalbum “Isle Of Now”, which was released in March this year, has been nominated by the Norwegian magazine Natt & Dag as the Oslo-record of the year!

We are very happy about the nomination, but still need your help, as it also relies on people voting for us online.

Please vote for us HERE.

They write the following (Norwegian only):
“Dette obskure prosjektet ved navn Montèe startet det hele for et par år tilbake i et mystisk hjemmestudio i en leilighet på Torshov. Et par konsentrerte år ved skissebordet resulterte i en monsterdebut av en skive, Isle Of Now – et popmesterverk landet ikke hadde hørt maken til verken før eller siden. Kritikerne fra Nordkapp til Lindesnes trodde ikke sine egne ører og utropte dette nye søtnosbandet til årets store overraskelse. Dødsbra, rett og slett. ”

The awardshow takes place on February 11th, and coincides perfectly with Maya and Erlends birthdays. Party on!