Video from by:Larm

Here is a livevideo from our 1st show at by:Larm. These are all new songs: “Gone Today”, “Ghost” and “Faith”, for your viewing pleasure.

Produced by Håvar Karlsen og Magnus Rye for Canon&Fotovideo. Looks like there are 20 people in the crowd though, when in actuality there were like 700. Still this is great footage, if we can say so ourselves. Enjoy!


Some pictures from by:larm

Some fine pictures were taken at by:larm last week. Check out these ones, shot by Lars Opstad.


Montée at Last Train in Oslo during by:larm

From February 18-20th, the festival by:larm will be taking place in Oslo, and Montée is playing. We’ll be performing a couple of shows, one of which will happen at the famous club Last Train in (the otherwise shitty street) Karl Johans gate. It’s going down on friday February 19th at 2300 hrs, and we hope to see you all there.
3-4 new songs will be performed. You get in with a by:larm-pass or by buying a ticket in the door.

For a great radiodocumentary on this longlived and longloved club, check this out (courtesy of Trine Sollie):