gone today

Montée on Lydverket!

We are happy to announce that Montée will be performing on the great TV-show Lydverket on March 31st. A bunch of new songs will be performed, and there will also be a chat with host Asbjørn Slettemark along the way. Get yourself a free ticket by emailing them. Hope to see you all there, we cant wait to play!


Free, brand new Montée-song on Facebook.

(Photo: Knut Bry)

We are giving away a brand new song for you on our Facebook-page, and its free. You can find it on your left in the menu on our site.

The song is called “Gone Today”, and it will be featured on our upcoming album “Rendition Of You”, due out April 15th on Oslo Records/Cosmos. Hope you like it!

Check it out.

Video from by:Larm

Here is a livevideo from our 1st show at by:Larm. These are all new songs: “Gone Today”, “Ghost” and “Faith”, for your viewing pleasure.

Produced by Håvar Karlsen og Magnus Rye for Canon&Fotovideo. Looks like there are 20 people in the crowd though, when in actuality there were like 700. Still this is great footage, if we can say so ourselves. Enjoy!